Better Travel Media Sharing Experience With Ziimeo

Have you experienced watching an interesting travel video online but ended up straining to see the graphic details? Or have you tried being so excited to upload a new travel media but was disappointed because your online account could only allow you a limited weekly space? Do you sometimes wish that your travel club would offer more benefits to its members? If you answered a resounding �Yes’ to these questions, or if you are hoping that you will never experience those things, then Ziimeo HD Active is just the thing for you.

Ziimeo is a free travel community online that allows its members to share their travel media (photos, videos, games, music, etc.) to the world. Ziimeo now has the Ziimeo HD Active, a fantastic yet affordable way for travel geeks to maximize and enhance their Ziimeo experiences. Ziimeo HD Active not only allows media viewing and uploading, but it also comes with a special free membership to the exclusive Ziimeo Travel Club! Members of Ziimeo Travel Club can get more than just their annual subscription to Ziimeo HD Active. Added bonuses of all the benefits of their HD media experience take the membership to a whole new level!

Members of Ziimeo HD Active are entitled to the following benefits that will enable better enjoyment of media sharing experiences:

- Massive weekly upload space for Ziimeo travel videos of up to 9 GB
- Unlimited number of high definition videos that play in crystal-clear 1280×720 resolution
- High definition embedding of all media uploads
- High quality Ziimeo video conversion from SD to HD
- Priority uploading of media content
- Unlimited number of groups you can subscribe to within Ziimeo
- Free exclusive membership to the Ziimeo Travel Club

The Ziimeo Travel Club gives a free monthly eMagazine to its members. This mag is packed with free travel tips, interesting travel stories, free travel news, member feedback, and useful links to great new media that can keep travelers entertained for hours on end. As the number of Travel Club members grows, additional benefits such as special travel deals on airfare, accommodation and tour, and a group leisure travel club will be added. These added bonuses will topple other travel memberships available in the market.

The Travel Club also allows and encourages its members to interact with each other and share their travel and writing experiences so that others can learn from different perspectives of travel and leisure. The Ziimeo travel community is indeed filled with happenings that engage your time and attention.

Gone are the days of limiting media uploads every week. Forget about smaller video resolutions and limited group subscriptions. Say hello to bigger weekly upload space and high definition Ziimeo travel videos. On top of these, a free exclusive membership to the Ziimeo Travel Club plus a load of other benefits awaits the Ziimeo HD Active members. Travel junkies now have a better travel media sharing experience with Ziimeo. This unique community is the perfect site for the adventurous soul who wants to open his travel experiences to the world.

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Vacation Made Possible Again!

I don’t know about you but we LOVE to Travel. Not just locally in the States, but Worldwide. Anywhere as long as it’s different. We love to experience different cultures, different food, different lifestyles and learn what we can from other nationalities. We love to experience different ways of doing things and see other people’s outlook on life. We believe it’s a different school of learning that you can attend till the day you die! And you graduate again and again after each completed trip. What a pleasure to be educated this way……

But, unfortunately Travel has become quite a luxury hasn’t it and even more so day by day with the rising gas prices that affects absolutely everything. That may slow us down for a little while but we’ll soon be on the road again – exploring new and exciting things. Go diving where we’ve never been before or be pampered in a totally luxurious spa amidst tropical vegetation with waterfalls and orchids and soothing music while you get a massage from soft yet firm professional hands to relax every tired muscle in your body – even if it’s just from climbing a mountain in Hawaii or snorkeling in the Caribbean or cycling in Singapore. Whatever you want to do in whichever country you select.

You see, we’re not very worried about the rising costs at all anymore because we’re set for life – and I mean for LIFE. We bought a Vacation Package from a very prestigious and well known Resort Network. A one time fee to vacation for life. No yearly fees, no subscription fees, no exchange fees, no user fees or any other fees the financial guys can think of. An amount you pay now for the rest of your life to vacation in luxury and comfort with all the amenities you could possibly think of.

You can book several weeks – not just one per year – at any of the thousands resorts available World Wide. Whether you’d love to play golf on top notch resort courses that’s not open to the public or explore the Tuscan countryside at your leisure, stopping at every village to drink a glass of wine or shop or watch the sun set in the Maldive Islands while classical music is softly playing in the background, whatever your pleasure, you can have it whenever you want to in any exotic or not so exotic venue you may choose.

And another plus is that you can book your whole vacation from your own computer at home if you choose to do so otherwise there are very professional and helpful staff available to do it for you or answer any questions you may have. What more could you possibly want(except money)? Don’t waste any more time. Life’s too short for that. Do it now that you can enjoy it next week. Bon voyage!

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Travel Magazine Subscriptions: Pick Your Next Vacation

There are many conditions in today’s society that are working together to make travel a bigger part of many peoples’ lives. As advanced technology beams pictures from all over the world into our living rooms, we start to think maybe we would like to go see some of it for ourselves. As we live longer and healthier, we have longer, more active retirements to see the world. Many companies have offices or plants all over the country, or even all over the world, and people may travel first for business, then later for leisure. There are many different magazines that cover travel from around the corner to around the world. There are also travel magazines that span the range of budgets, from high end luxury to traveling on a shoestring. Travel with family, travel for seniors, travel for learning, you name it, there is a magazine to cover it. Here are some ideas to find the best travel magazine subscription for you and your family.

Start with your own backyard. Many people only visit the attractions and sights in their city or town when company comes to visit, if then. Magazines like Baltimore, Atlanta Magazine, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Memphis cover special events like fairs and festivals, dining, current museum exhibits, and concerts, theater, and other entertainment. If your town or city doesn’t have its own magazine, there are regional magazines like Oregon Coast, Yankee, or Southern Living. Many states have magazines as well.

If there is a particular kind of traveling you like to do, from camping to cruising, you will find magazine subscriptions that suit you, too. Backpacker and Camping Life are good for those who love staying in the great outdoors, Cruising World and Cruise Travel cover the latest in cruising. MotorHome covers trailer and RV travel, while RoadRUNNER gives motorcycle riders ideas of new places to explore.

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